16 outubro, 2010

FAVELA RAISES! The new economic power.


„The market produces non-specific, clone buildings, that are empty of any substance and disconnected from the place. I believe this is a terrible menace to its structure.“ Peter Smithson

The “Favela Rio das Pedras” is located in one of the most predominant areas of development of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the upper East area of Barra da Tijuca, a upper/middle class residential area, this 40.000 inhabitants community has a very lively economic life, resulting of their inner informal commercial growth, as well the need for manpower that the formal city requires, resulting as a fact in the enhance of the quality life of this so called “favelados”.

A huge challenge is presenting itself to this community that true the years have fought to keep their identity and social and economic independence. The major events that had put Brazil in the World agenda – the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games – will intensify the real estate speculation in this area, resulting in a strong pressure to overtake the “Favela Rio das Pedras” and transform it in some private “condominio”. How can these communities survive? Well, we believe that’s only possible trough economic power. Only enhancing the informality of the small scale business operating inside favelas, together with strategies to create labels and tourism attraction the favelas can gain their independence and became part of the formal city and not just dependent of it.